Have you ever felt the need to better control your emotions, be more grounded in facing challenges, be more relaxed at work and happier at home? In the spiritual search you might have found questions going deeper, beyond ordinary everyday life. And that is great, because we are heading to realization of our true nature, Awakened Omniscience.


Mark your calendars for the European Dakini Day Workshop on Saturday 2nd of April 2022!


We are joining together on this auspicious day to generate female power and connection, through learning Dharma and joyful activities! This wonderful Dakini Day will be led by Dharma Teacher Kristi Kraft, Upasika Bodhisattva Pedma Rigdzin Tso, a long-time student of Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. 


In this one-day ONLINE workshop you will obtain the knowledge and tools that will help you to expand the borders of your mind and go beyond your limits: with more awareness, love and shine. Three-day in-person retreat is coming in October 2022 as the second part of this event.


Register: https://forms.gle/auVMmcbrQ9qgV2e86

About the Teacher


Dharma Teacher Kristi Kraft, Upasika Bodhisattva Pedma Rigdzin Tso (Lotus Ocean of Awareness Holder) is a Dzogchen Buddha Path Dharma practitioner since 2014. 


Kristi's knowledge of Buddhist principles is extensive and her explanations are alive. She utilizes quotes from the lineage Masters as well as draws examples from her own experience. Her teachings are well structured, easy to follow and clear to understand. Her level of Dharma knowledge, practice as well as participation in internships and retreats qualifies her as a Tantra practitioner (5th level student) in the lineage. 


In the worldly arena she is working for an Estonian non-profit as a mindfulness teacher expanding the skills and abilities of teachers, parents and kids to handle everyday emotional challenges with more self-control, confidence and compassion.